Wednesday, 12 November 2014

How to Increase the Domain Authority of Your Site

Domain Authority is the best way of seeing how well your domain perform in Google search.When you are analyzing your website performance, domain authority is a major factor that indicates how well your domain will preform. Simply increasing the Domain Authority will increase the chance of getting higher rank in Google.  So after you heard this what next comes to your mind is “How to Increase Domain Authority?”
Here is few tricks that helps to increase your Domain Authority. How to Domain Authority Good On-Site Optimization and Structure On-Site Optimization – I am sure you are aware about on-site & on-page optimizations. this are very basic factors in SEO which rules for years. As well as for the DA (Domain Authority) on-site and on-page optimization is matters. 

So at the start you should do good on-page & on-site optimization first. But make sure to not over optimize. Bellow is some tips. Boost your site speed. Use optimized meta title, keywords and meta description. 
Remove all broken links in your site. Use NoFollow for not impotent outgoing links. Try to link to internal content inside your pages & post. Use variations of your keywords. Keep your permalinks relevant to keyword and short. Use Recent Post in your site bar. Site Structure – Having well structured website is very impotent for Domain Authority as well as it’s make your site user-friendly. 

To make better structure for your website or blog try to follow bellow points. Do not put lots of links inside your pages/post. Try to use text link at all the time. Provide a easy site map for visitors. Try to make your site structure much user-friendly. 

Content Is The King The most impotent factor is content inside your website. Without grate content your website is just like empty lake. no one will even look at it. but if you have grate content traffic and backlinks will follow you. Each and every success site has high quality content and it is their backbone which support them to stand strait. Most of webmasters thinks quality content = long post. But having long written post is just a one factor of quality content. Simply my advice is do not write for Google write for your readers. 

Here is some tips that helps to push your content in to quality content bag. Creating Content. Do a research about what works best in your niche. Find some best keywords using Keyword Research. Try to make something unique. Do not based on short term content like. “Domain Authority Tips 2014″ . Create grate, Strait & short topic for your content. Write at least 800 words. Add some images and make your content user-friendly. Talk to your readers & reply to their questions. Add your real experience to the content. Be honest, write for readers not for Google. Promote Your Content. Share your content among social networks. Make social page for your website (ex Facebook page). 

Build email list and do email promotions. Do some video promotions. Make some inforgraphics and ask link for it. Use paid promotion methods. Follow some offline promotions as well. Add your site to your email and forum signature. Join social groups in your niche and be active and share your content their. Use social sharing buttons inside your web pages. Link Building To Your Content. Use social bookmark site to make links for your content. Make profile on Reddit and keep it updating. Pin your post images on pinterest. Use Directory submitting in related filed. Use your article links in forum signature. Add your article link to email signature as well. Use Stackoverflow. Find Resourse pages which related to your content and ask for links. Do comment on other blogs with your links but do not spam. Use Yahoo answers and Keep your eye on anchor diversity.  

 Use Of Social Media When we consider about most famous and crowded places in the WWW, we all know those places are social networks such as Facebook & Tweeter. With this mass crowd social media is the best place that you can leverage  to increase your brand and website. But the thing is you will need to have a grate strategy. With a good strategy you will able to take your content into people who matter and if they feels your content is good, they will share and re share it. Which means more and more traffic to your content. If good traffic comes to your content it really helps to increase your Domain Authority. Social Media Authority. Create a page or profile for your website in each and every social media network. Properly set up and manage your profiles. Use professional but eye catching profile picture and header image. Add your links to your social media pages in your website. Ask visitors to join with your social media pages or profiles. Once you have large scale of followers you will get good traffic form social media. If you have a good content it will get viral very easily. 
Building strong brand helps a lot for every step. This is not only applicable for online marketing. Even for local market you will need to promote your brand and if you have a strong brand you can get large amount of sales. just think about Coca-Cola. If you have a strong brand visitors can easily identify related stuff for your content and your site. As well as good brand helps to increase the number of returning visitors. 

So simply a strong brand helps you to take your content in front to mass scale of audience. This means more traffic, more social network shares, more backlinks, more revenue as well as more contribution to increase your Domain Authority. Brand Awareness. Advertise your brand on social networks. Use your brand in your email signature. Add your brand to your forum signatures. Create nice logo for your brand and do not change it. 

Focus on offline marketing as well. Make online events in your filed. Add your brand for images you share or upload. Use same brand logo all the places. Engagement To Your Brand. Respond to your reader’s questions. Once somebody comments at least say “Thank You”. Give away some items free with your brand name on it (Brand name printed T-Shirt). Use polls to keep more engagement. Host quiz related to your filed. Write informative article or maintain a informative blog. Reply to your social media comments and response. Share something interesting on social media daily. Let Them Trust Your Brand. Join industry competitions and try for awards. Get links from famous news and magazine sites. Post awards you won inside website. Use trust badges. Register your brand name.   

Relationship Maintaining good relationship with other bloggers who are in the same niche is good advantage. People who have good relationship with you, are more likely to link your content in side their articles than who do not have relationship. So having good relationship with site owners or authors can be a factor that will determine whether you will get a link from them or not. So as you know link helps a lot for build authority so having relationship helps you to make quality links. 

Build Relationship. Share other bloggers content. Link to their content. Praise the genuinely good works of them. Ask them to read and share your content. Add feedback to their content and ask their feedback on yours. Help them & build alliance. Build alliance with fellow bloggers. Give your contribution to their site as well. Help your ally with something your are strong in. Ask their help as well when you need it. Response to them every time when they need you.

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